KG’s Westside Cafe Breakfast Scramble

Mike’s been sick,  so he hasn’t been in the mood to eat out. He hasn’t wanted to be that sick dude coughing up a storm all over people’s food. He’s a pretty polite like that. We always get annoyed when people do that….

Due to his cold, we’ve been getting our food to go. Luckily, we’re surrounded by lots of yummy local restaurant that are a 1 minute drive from our house. The past 3 mornings we’ve been on a KG’s roll. Our favorite go-to meal from KG’s is the bagel breakfast sandwich with a side of home fries (well done). They make THE BEST bagel breakfast sandwich ever. Really. That being said, it’s difficult for me to try anything new. Before stumbling upon their breakfast sandwich, I sampled a handful of meals from their breakfast menu, but never their chorizo. I’ve seen pictures of it on Yelp, and it’s received pretty good reviews, so this morning, I decided to finally try it.

My plate actually turned out to be a mix of goodies from many local favorites. I had some salsa and refried beans that I re-heated on the stove from Tania’s (a local Mexican market a short drive from our house), and a couple of house made flour tortillas from Teresa’s Mosaic Cafe (made fresh daily), paired up with KG’s chorizo and egg scramble with a side of well-done home fries, and I had a pretty heart breakfast. Before digging in, I poured some salsa off to the side of my beans, ready for dipping. My first bite consisted of my flour tortilla scooping up some chorizo, home fries, and beans. It was a decent combo. My next bite incorporated the salsa which was a nice touch. There was more egg than chorizo which ended up being perfect because when Mike finished off my plate, it was just the perfect amount of spicy for him. I would have preferred more meat, but it was pretty filling nonetheless. I found the home fries were more easily eaten with a fork dipped in ketchup. I like them on the crispy side (hence the well done request), which makes for difficult tortilla scooping. Squishy stuff is easier to pick up and mash together. All in all, their chorizo plate was pretty good. It wasn’t as good as Teresa’s Mosaic Cafe (which is my number one go-to place for chorizo), but it satisfied my chorizo craving.

Now for the main questions:

10 scale food rating: 7

Would I order the same dish or change it up? If I ever got the chorizo again, I would ask them to mix the potatoes in with the chorizo and eggs, but I will most likely stick to my bagel sandwich though. It really is the best :-)

Don’t take my word for it. Go check it out:

KG’s Westside Cafe

1951 West Grant Road 

 Tucson, AZ 85745

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